I live in Marion, IL with my wife Rosemary, having relocated from Chippewa Falls WI  in 1984 to serve our nation's finest at the Marion VA Medical Center, where I served as Clinical Social Worker, Medical Research Administrator and Community Services Coordinator.

 .I have been playing bagpipes in the Tri-State (IL, MO,KY) area since the  early 1990's. I'm a native of Kearny, NJ, just across the  Hudson River from Manhattan, I grew up in an area called "Little Scotland" due to the large number of Scottish immigrants who settled  in Kearny , a wee boat ride from Ellis Island. With a great number of Irish immigrants as well, Celtic culture was the norm. Several bagpipe bands were based in Kearny.

I wanted to learn bagpipes since I was a little guy in Kearny, but never had the chance  until I moved to Marion in 1984 and met Dr. Bill Scoggins, a Murphysboro Chiropractor, now  an MD in Finland. Bill taught me the very basics ; after that , it has been a continual learning process. Learning the bagpipes was a boyhood dream come true. It was a lot of work, and still is, but piping is in my blood and heritage, and it's a labor of love. And a lot of fun , too.

I also play the Lowland or Cauld Wind Bagpipes (aka Scottish smallpipes, Border Bagpipes/Northumbrian Half-Long pipes. These pipes use a bellows for the air supply with three drones generally tuned Bass, Tenor, and Alto for a haunting, melodic sound . Cauld Wind Pipes were originally designed as chamber(or indoor) instruments , typically used for dancing and the like, having  a  specific repertoire of jigs, reels, hornpipes and other dance tunes.

I look forward to serving you. 


Paul Thompson

The Town Piper